The engineering team at C.A. Spalding will help you to find the best magnetic product for your application. We can offer a wide range of standard parts or develop custom solutions using customers’ prefer criteria from materials, mechanical, electrical, environmental, and regulating requirements in order to offer the performance products, meeting customer needs in most cost-efficient way.

C.A. Spalding offers slitting and coating services for your custom magnetic projects. We maintain extensive inventories of standard materials in wide coil.

Once we receive your project request, your material is slit to the approximate width for the die which produces the part.



Our testing capabilities include all basic testing in the magnetics applications, including Core Loss, Excitation Current, Permeability TEST, HI-POT, TURN TESTING, AC/DC Resistance, Capacitance, POWER Loss, and special custom FUNCTIONAL TESTS.

Our equipment includes the best brands on the market to meets all these standard and custom requirements from today’s market.

Our capabilities for TOROIDAL WINDINGS and TRANSFORMERS allow us to offer winding wires sizes from 50 AWG to 8 AWG and Transformers diameters ranging from 0.250 inches diameter through 10 inches diameter.

We also offer ROGOWSKI WINDINGS where we have our special made equipment to meet the strict requirements and precision of this type of coils, HOOK UP and manual windings when the space limitations or size, not always allow the use of a machine.

Our equipment asset is composed of JOVIL Brand machines, one of the more reliable on the market and custom made equipment to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

Bobbin Windings & Transformers

We offer bobbin windings and assembly for or all types of laminated and high frequency transformers with sizes from 0.200″ SQUARE or ROUND thru 4-5 Inches using wire sizes from 52 AWG thru 10 AWG.

Our equipment ASSENT includes custom made winders, single spindle winders and multiple spindle winders with BRANDS as TANAK, BACHI, METEORE, and YAN machines.

CA Spalding offers custom transformer and electromechanical assembly services.

To help customers deliver products with enhanced performance, C.A. Spalding offers customized manufacturing services. We can provide toroidal core winding, bobbin winding and electro-mechanical assembly specially tailored for fabricating the components used in ground fault circuit interrupters, arc fault detectors, appliance leakage circuit interrupters, transformers and other products requiring custom magnetic components.

In addition to providing technical support and design review from the initial concept through production, we offer final product assembly, packaging, shipping, and distribution in accordance with customer needs.

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