C.A. Spalding Company is a provider of manufacturing and engineering services, developing innovative manufacturing and engineered solutions for exotic metal forming and assembly applications in aerospace, missile, defense and space markets.

Our extensive material science background, collaborative approach, capabilities experience and value-added services such as concurrent engineering and proprietary manufacturing techniques deliver continuous best value for our customers and an innovative customer focused supplier for their titanium hot forming and exotic metal product needs. We are a manufacturer of precision assemblies and , exotic sheet metal components serving the commercial and the military aerospace industry and the missile industry. We have two major product offerings to support our customer base that includes fixed wing commercial aircraft, military aircraft, missile and commercial and military rotorcraft. C.A. Spalding’s applications include structural components and structural assemblies. In structural components products, we design, engineer and manufacture titanium and inconel components for the aerospace industry. Structural assembly products include firewalls, helicopter components, and  engine components. C.A. Spalding provides our titanium hot formed firewalls, assemblies, and components to some of the world’s largest aerospace and defense OEM’s.